Widowed 50 and older minneapolis dating

“When I started Catholic Match.com, it never dawned on me to think about older people,” co-founder Brian Barcaro told Our Sunday Visitor.

“That was 11 years ago, and very few people in their 60s and 70s were using the Internet, let alone a dating site.

“I couldn’t go meet 50 different women in 50 different places,” he said.

“So, I thought I’d have some fun.” Jeanne Bullock lost her husband in 2002, and in 2004 she moved from Washington state to Maryland to help her daughter through a difficult pregnancy.

“A lot of people ask, ‘What do you think are my chances? “I always encourage people, even though they’re older, to join and start looking.” David Nevarez, founder of Catholic Singles.com, based in California, told OSV that seniors aren’t looking for anything different than other members.

“However, they are more focused on companionship as a priority,” he said.

Chicago and Los Angeles head the top 10 cities, but no matter where members are, they’re all looking for connections, even if it’s just on the site’s 41 public blogs. Ray Bullock has four children and one grandchild, and works in the insurance business.

His first wife died in February 2010, and he told OSV, “Six months later, I knew that I would really be happier if I was married.” He saw an ad for Catholic in a church bulletin.

“I was in law school, and my roommate and I were kind of Web junkies,” he said.Most nightmares are not a ratio, but mine was last night. My thighs look like cottage cheese accented by a road map of varicose veins. In some ways, I feel like Mary Richards in TV’s (see statue photo). My next post will describe my initial attempts at becoming a subscriber of online dating services. *Names and identifying information have been changed for anonymity reasons to protect peoples’ privacy and for security reasons.The ratio 11 to 1 kept floating across my frontal lobe. Eleven to one in all different sizes and typefaces — actually hovering in my mind, mocking me. I already feel disadvantaged in the dating scene by the physical changes in my body: My skin is slowly melting down over the bones of my face. Mary moved to Minneapolis/Saint Paul to start a new chapter of her life. I moved to southern Florida to start my new singlehood, but I am probably two decades older — and tanner, I might add. Through the next couple of weeks and months (perhaps years), I am going to share my trials and tribulations, my insights, dating tips and hopefully my ultimate success at reconstructing my shattered life into something beautiful, centered and fun. It’s going to be an absurd, funny and, yes, sometimes sad account of a single, 50-plus-year-old woman attempting to find herself, her soul mate, her serenity and, most important, her sanity and sense of humor. There are 12,000 members, and 5,000 active users on the site at any time.More than 1,200 are older than 50, and some are in their 80s.

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