Who is kelly clarkson dating now

"At the end of the day, she's an amazing singer, and you can't fault her for that." Clarkson can certainly blow, as Randy Jackson would say, but so can, say, Simpson.

The difference is Clarkson's seen more as the girl next door, and as someone without a manufactured sound or image.

She's not some heiress with a Chihuahua." Fittingly, the humble Clarkson never expected "Since U Been Gone" to earn her such a widespread fanbase.

"It's ridiculous how well that song was received by hard rockers, by indie people," she said.

feeling inside.“This isn’t a downer to anybody I dated before him, but I’m just going to be real: I never felt like, honesty, sexually attracted to anybody before him,” Clarkson confessed. “Sometimes it sucks dating because it’s so many wrong ones until you get the right one.

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Something called "Since U Been Gone," a tune with the kind of legs that pop music hasn't seen in years. "It gets in your head and won't leave." "You have to listen to that song at 11, that's just the way it is," added Switchfoot singer Jon Foreman, who recently caught himself pulling up to the beach with "Since U Been Gone" blaring from his car radio.

It's written in a way that is so transparent in terms of drawing from a lot of what's vaguely edgy and popular right now, but put together in such a perfect little package.

It's undeniable." Even though Leo only played it a few more times, bootlegs of his performances circulated around the Internet within a few weeks and it became his calling card, which he's not exactly thrilled about.

(Sorry Kelly, System of a Down still have no idea who you are.) So how did the 23-year-old former Red Bull girl transform herself from the next Jessica Simpson into a genuinely cool rock-and-roll singer?

"Here's the thing about Kelly Clarkson," Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump said.

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