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c Panel support has put together a guide with some helpful tips on making the migration process easier: Using the c Panel Transfer Tool If you use c Panel, you have the luxury to easily migrate from one server to another.Before doing so, you must first contact your hosting service provider and ask for a Cent OS 7 server you can migrate to.However, a fresh re-install will have many advantages over upgrading in place. With RHEL 5 you have just whatever was auto-detected during the installation, probably 800×600.RHEL 6 should be close to full screen size, RHEL 7 should be full screen size.In other words, how to upgrade from RHEL (or Cent OS) 5 to 6 to 7.

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With time running short we want to ensure that you have plenty of time to plan your migration.The second bug was also discovered in kernel’s DCCP implementation.It could cause memory corruptions by leveraging IPv4-only inet_sk_rebuild_header() function and allow a remote attacker to crash the vulnerable system.At least it will give a possibility to install packages, which are necessary because of different dependencies.Cent OS 5 has reached its end-of-life on March 31, 2017 and is no longer supported. Migrate to another Plesk server with a supported OS version.

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