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She was quiet and withdrawn the entire day, even when surrounded by her friends." "In a lot of ways, it felt familiar, like the weddings I attended in the U.S.: Guests were dressed to the nines; happy couples mingled around; children were dancing in the streets to pop music.Everyone was celebrating this forced marriage of a 15-year-old girl to a 32-year-old man.To most of them, the sight wasn't an unusual one," Joyce said.

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He was saying we should be proud to have a caring son like him.

Joyce returned the next morning with her camera, and was welcomed into the ceremony."Photographing her wedding was obviously sad," Joyce told Refinery29 of Akhter's big day.

"She didn't seem like she was under any misconceptions about what was happening to her.

Last week, 18-year-old Christian Trouesdale left the Aldi food store where he worked so he could walk home an elderly man named Bob.

Christian toted his groceries and held Bob’s hand, while Samantha-Jayne Brady snapped a photo.

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