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Although issues surrounding custody and divorce are often of paramount importance to victims of domestic violence, especially when attempting to flee an abusive relationship, such issues are highly complex and very fact-driven.

If at all possible, victims should attempt to contact an attorney for advice on their own specific circumstances and needs.

After a decade of failed attempts, legislation finally passed in 2015 and was applauded for its potential to close gaps in the protective order system.

For three months, IPO cases have moved through the court system, by many accounts, smoothly.

Almost no violations of the IPOs have been reported.

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A police officer had taken a report, but she didn't want the man arrested.Kentucky law allows victims with Kentucky Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs) to be notified if the person their protective order is against (respondent) tries to buy a gun or similar weapon.Federal law, commonly known as the Brady Bill, prevents certain people with Domestic Violence Orders against them from buying or having guns or similar weapons.The court system, victim advocates, sheriffs deputies and others have worked in tandem toward a smooth launch.Dozens of protective orders have been granted to men and women, from students still in Jefferson County Public Schools to older adults on the dating scene.

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