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They were called North Slesvigers, however, most of these Danes are recorded in the census statistics as immigrants from Germany rather than Denmark.

Most Danes who immigrated to the United States after 1865 did so for economic reasons.

Between 18 there was a population of 375,000 Danes; a vast majority of whom emigrated between 18 The greatest Danish emigration occurred in 1882 when 11,618 Danes settled in the United States.

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Between 18, 50,000 Danes emigrated from Schleswig, Jutland, where the use of Danish language was banned in schools following the Danish defeat in the Second Schleswig War and Prussia seizing control.

It has been suggested that many of these immigrants eventually returned to Denmark.

About 30,000 Danish Americans continue to speak the Danish language.

Another reason for migration was the sale of lands. During the 1870s, almost half of all Danish immigrants to the United States settled in family groups.

By the 1890s, family immigration made up only of 25 percent of the total.

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