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We're not cavalier about the way we arrive at that decision." "I'm not certain yet.You may be surprised to know that I don't typically keep up with all of it.As regards the word itself: its origin can be traced back in the centuries.Sure it had something to do with the many invasions Sicily was exposed to.Before the lights went down and the models took charge, we nabbed Parker for a quick about everything from Trump's impact on fashion to what's on her docket next."It's in a warming drawer.It's never been a 'no''s always been an 'if' and 'when.' And that remains the question being asked by two very thoughtful people who are taking into very serious consideration those people who devoted a lot of time.My personal idea is that the two different meanings still coexist in Sicilian culture, often originating a confusig and ambiguous mix. well I guess everybody has a very distorted prespective, maybe the best definition is "Those loud mouth Italian criminals talking with gestures like in the class A movie The Godfather"!

Modern Mafias have so many different aspects I couldn't say if one is wronger than others. It seems everybody has thier personal version of mafia's history.I am Sicilian and the study of the Mafias (we prefer plural vs one single mafia) is one of my interests, as a Sicilian and as a student. I'm no member of any "family" you may think of.But I think it's highly likely that you will see a lot of commentary in art and fashion and literature and architecture and dance and publishing.I think there's a long tradition of art and culture responding to political times.

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