Rules of dating married men

He’s not able to satisfy her and he’s literally decided to bring someone else in,” notes Menzise. Most people wouldn’t believe how common a practice this is with a relationship: A man literally finding another to have sex with their wife.

But some guys feel they’re providing more pleasure.

“It’s about not having the control over each other,” she says.

Yet she is concerned that her husband still dates the same two women whereas she stays active “going through phases” between women and men alike.

This DWM label fits quite a few—some of whom I have known for years.

For some men and their partners, this lifestyle is more than acceptable.

I also believe we all deserve to feel we have the power of making a choice.They may be losing their libido or desire for life.” But he also points out a number of reports that 70% of divorces are initiated by women.To Seku, “Traditional relating is just not matching up. Some men look elsewhere in order to feel like they’re not dying.They want to reproduce what they felt when they first met their wife.For them, the solution is needs met but without letting the wife know.” Seku suggests both parties practice being open.

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