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I was 13 in 1995 when we finally went online at my house.It would be another six or seven years before I fully embraced the Internet’s ability to bring me a steady flow of anonymous sex partners.

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If you pursue your relationship with this older guy, chances are the age gap may make him insecure and his way of coping will be to control you more than necessary. Will your feelings for him plus the benefits of being in a relationship with an older man outweigh the disadvantages? I hope you get to a decision that will be beneficial for you.DEAR EPPY, I read your article of November 6, 2012 under the title “My husband does not initiate sex. Sad to say, the person he was doing it with was also a male. I’ve been menopausal for quite some time now and it is seldom that I get to “have it” with my husband. He told me that he had no more friends to talk to, which is why he did that. I read one of his chat conversations with this gay person, which made me think a lot about what was happening. DESPERATE WIFE DEAR DESPERATE WIFE, I hope the seminar works for you and your husband. I’m 51 years old and married to a 52-year-old husband. I recently caught my husband doing cyber sex, which is having sex in front of a webcam.You will also feel more secure because the older man is more practical and will be more concerned about goals and the future.Older men are more aware of how women are and may respond better to the moods of women in general.

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