Raleigh serial number dating

However, if your bike has a manufacturing defect that is covered by our warranty, we are committed to providing prompt, courteous, and effective customer service.The warranty for the replacement frame shall be the warranty offered for the equivalent bicycle's frame of that model year.Damages from abuse, normal wear and tear, and neglect are not covered by warranty.

If you can’t find a serial number, you can still register your bicycle with DPS.

All Raleigh bicycles meet or exceed CPSC standards. Raleigh specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Complete equipment is included with each Raleigh bicycle but not necessarily shown in photographs, e.g. Raleigh is a registered trademark of Accell North America.

We recommend replacement frames to be reassembled by a Raleigh dealer.

This warranty excludes any issues that can be traced to assembly or component incompatibility.

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