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Pay Pal primarily markets itself online and through its e Bay partnership, and in many ways it has become a household name.The company’s policies and pricing are transparent and easily understandable for anyone who takes the time to read them.Typically, most merchant account providers transfer the money to their merchants’ bank accounts as “batches” automatically within 48 hours of the close of a business day.Pay Pal also offers payments by check and a debit card that can be used for purchases or withdrawing money from an ATM.You are part of the Settlement if you had an active Pay Pal account between April 19, 2006 and November 5, 2015.You are part of the Settlement and also may be eligible to submit a Claim for a cash payment if you had a hold or reserve placed on your account and/or your account was closed or suspended by Pay Pal between April 19, 2006 and November 5, 2015.Like Pay Pal Payments Standard, merchants cannot enter credit card data themselves, but they do get all the same features as the basic setup and can control the user experience throughout the entire online sales process.

With the second extra feature of the Pro account, Pay Pal offers a virtual terminal for merchants who need to enter credit card data themselves for face-to-face transactions and/or mail orders and telephone orders.One of the disadvantages is that the customer must leave the merchant’s website and be redirected to Pay Pal to complete the transaction, which can reduce conversion rates and confuse customers.With no monthly fees, Pay Pal credit card acceptance does come at a higher than average processing rate.Basic Merchant Setup (aka: Pay Pal Payments Standard)This account does not allow merchants to enter credit card data manually using their computers but does allow for customers to buy products by credit card through a merchant’s website.However, if a merchant has set up a Pay Pal Here account, s/he can accept a credit card directly through the mobile app.

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