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When the others returned from "shopping" with another girl named Luisa, Paras' father was angry as he saw this as abusing his "hospitality".As they decided to leave, Paras told them to stay, because he wanted familiar faces at his wedding.When they disembarked the plane, Xavier's former consort, Empress Lilandra attempted to assassinate him, still believing him to be controlled by Cassandra Nova.

Rogue was attacked, and Indra was forced to save her by hurting the attacker, which he asked Rogue not to talk about.

He met with an old friend Professor Shecktor is working on a cure for snake bites.

His assistant, Klaus Vorhees, decides to kill the professor and steal his discoveries.

After that, Luisa and Paras had a conversation and she kissed him, but he told her he couldn't return her feelings as he was promised to another woman, just as Rogue and Magneto told them they wanted to talk to Luisa, who admitted that her real name is Luz.

The Children of the Vault then appeared to take their sister Luz back. Rogue and Magneto were taken, each for a different reason.

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