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Either way, if you want to learn how to make girls fuck or get a girlfriend, here is my advice: You DO NOT need to be a young Brad Pitt or draped in money to get a girlfriend, although of course these short cuts do work to some extent.Realize that all the marketing and advertising you’ve EVER SEEN is designed to make you feel deficient, discontent and If you turn off the advertising you can start seeing lots of ‘ugly’ guys doing very well with women. You do want to make a girl love you one day don’t you?

If you can elicit feelings in people, you have great power, and people will want you around!

trick that you can use to hack into the woman’s mind to create an impression.

Ideally, ask her to explain about her dream man and make her describe him in the most vivid way possible.

When she does this, covertly insert some suggestions inside the conversation about how YOU fit the bill.

You may use some mild self-hypnosis such as NLP to make it more successful.

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