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Shocking images from the riots last night, which then continued this morning, show some of the protestors throwing dangerous objects at officers.

Others, dressed in black and with their faces covered, refused to obey police orders and were kettled by hundreds of officers.

because he's now facing 2 more felonies on top of a weed possession charge. READ MORE Young Thug's now facing a felony drug charge, and a misdemeanor for tinted windows ... The rapper was arrested Saturday in Georgia by Brookhaven PD, and booked on one count of… He's got a helluva chance after handing his mom a $TACK to celebrate HIS birthday.

The rapper threw a huge party Wednesday night to ring in the big 2-6… the case was presented to the court to see if there…

More protestors are expected to gather from countries across Europe over the next few days, in an attempt to humiliate G20 leaders on the world stage.

Shocking footage has emerged online showing a man drop kicking a cat.

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Some 20,000 police from all of Germany's 16 states have been deployed on the streets to face off against up to 100,000 protesters, including an estimated 8,000 who police say are prepared to use violence.

READ MORE Young Thug's in the clear for allegedly slapping a woman outside a nightclub last month ... READ MORE Young Thug's off the hook for a felony drug charge, thanks to his lawyers arguing cops overstepped boundaries with an illegal search warrant.

You'll recall the rapper's crib was raided by cops in… READ MORE Young Thug is a wanted man after he failed to show up in court -- for the second time -- to face a simple fix-it ticket for tinted windows.

"Release early, often, and with rap music” is the motto of the Free Art & Technology Lab, aka F. T., an internet-based collective of culture-jamming jokesters that has been mashing memes, art, and activism online since 2007.

And it does a pretty decent job describing what they do. GOLD is a kind of graffiti art carnival that only the internet could produce: costume shop gold chains are adorned with i Phone bling, a wall is plastered with the digitally battered-and-bruised face of Mark Zuckerberg, and a seated dummy is covered in yarn stretched from its head to the recognizable outline of a laptop computer. Lab has become known for: contemporary art tempered with the raw viral power of an internet meme.

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