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After Emma breaks the curse, August regains full mobility while still wooden, but has not changed back to his normal appearance.

He sends a postcard to Emma's ex-boyfriend of many years ago, Neal.

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August's father, Marco, learns from Henry where August is and goes to the bed and breakfast searching for him, but he is already gone.SEE ALSO: CSAT postponed a week due to Pohang earthquake, throws test takers in panic mode During the presentation, CJ E&M revealed that Korean movies 'Sunny' and 'Miss Granny' will be re-made in the United States, and production is already in the works.'Miss Granny' will also be released in Spanish for a South American audience.Thus far, Greg has not had success, but believes his father is in Storybrooke somewhere.Refocusing on their current objective, he questions Tamara about "the package" they will be utilizing soon.

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