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When Ernst and Young certified our print run of 1.2 lakh earlier this year, we were humbled more than proud.

And we won't be surprised if this time too, competition follows our lead. It underwent this makeover because our reader is now more technology-aware than ever before.Technology is no longer on an esoteric geek plane, but something he uses every day, in every imaginable (and perhaps, unimaginable) way.It is no longer just about inanimate hardware and mute software; it is now about people, and how they use it in real life situations.We were India's first magazine to give a free CD, and later, two. Imitation, as the Mahatma said, is the most sincere form of flattery.In December 2003, we became India's first publication to give a movie VCD free (Ice Age). Our competitors followed by giving DVDs once in a while, or copying our packaging all the while. From August 2004, we decided to pleasantly surprise our readers once again.

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