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And it’s not just cities – many rural areas also have these “educated man deficits.” As "Date-onomics" shows, this mismatch in the number of college-educated men and women leads to some surprising consequences, affecting not just dating, marriage and fidelity, but campus culture, credit card debt and even pop song lyrics. Since then, the college gender gap has been getting wider every year.

I spoke with Birger shortly before his book was released about some of his findings. In 2012, there were 34 percent more women than men who graduated from college. If we had had this conversation in the '50s or '60s, the gender ratios would be reversed.

I use data in the book from, which is a college review site.

At the schools that are predominantly male, the kids talk about how students like to be in relationships.

But I’m reluctant to attribute how we got to “50/50” entirely to Title IX, because women were making gains in college enrollment not just in the U.

S., but throughout the Western world, even in countries where the policy push for equal rights evolved more slowly.

She argues that the big driver for college enrollment is the expectation of future labor force participation.

The dating market does favor the college educated man right now.

Should we care that fewer men are attending college?

But I suspect this has less to do with how fair or equal the white collar workforce is than how much worse the job opportunities are for women in the working class labor pool.

One of the things I normally write about is the oil industry.

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