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Even if you have not had any sexual relationships with this child, you can be arrested while the police investigate the allegations of the parent.Of course if there are no findings of a crime you will be released, but do you want to go through this risk?

so is it illegal for me to just date and hangout with her without any other relations such as sexual? The age of consent pertains to statutory rape charges when an adult engages in a sexual relationship with a minor (someone under 18).

You can read the California penal code on the sex crimes which involve minors.

Again, it says nothing about dating, but engaging in a sex act. ok, now what if charges are pressed against me from say a parental figure what would be the penalty or how could i defend myself to get off free of charge?

The photo of the girl, "What a thing for a parent to see. "Facebook said that the company will never be allowed to post on their site again.

Especially because Rehtaeh is the victim of a sexual assault and they have her on a dating website," Canning continued. Parsons didn't even have a Facebook profile anymore, and the photo was likely grabbed from a memorial Facebook page set up for her.

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