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Over the past few weeks there has been an outpouring of sexual assault and harassment allegations not only in Hollywood, but across the nation.

The brave survivors who have told their stories through the media and the #metoo campaign have elevated a pivotal public discussion about sexual violence—an issue that affects an American every 98 seconds.

I was born September 1946 after my father was sent to Germany. Danelda WEHL is looking for HALF BROTHER, fathered by DAVID LAMERE . hi, have just had my DNA done and it seems the my biological father was a American GI.

Edwards), he was stationed in the Philippines during world war ll. My father passed away in 2001 leaving no information behind except "word say". If I remember correctly the woman he was involved with name is Irena or something similar. His ship was USS Boxer and tied up at least once at Yokosuka Harbor July 29, 1952 (possible April 1953 Daughter).These tests have also, been downloaded onto a giant database company for free called which shows your dna matches of other relatives (Maternal & Pateral) via your autosomal DNA profile. My fathers name was John Wayne Hansman and he was stationed in Hokkaido Japan in the early 50's. He was stationed at Mc Graw Kaserne, Germany in or around October 1954. My Dad was born David Karl Zimmerer in Munich July 14,1955.These DNA tests has given me many New African American Cousins & family African on the Paternal side which will hopefully, revconnect me nearer to my Biological Fathers family. Would of been stationed in Auckland New Zealand in early 1943, round March/April. Before he died,my uncle told me that I had a sibling there. He was adopted by a US Army couple, also, stationed there and brought back to the USA. Please, email me at: [email protected] have very little to go on.Thanks for any my dads name is laurence granger e was born in august 1939 his dad was a american soilder serving in bristol who e never new his mums name was ivy granger if you ave information email me [email protected], I am looking for my African American Biological Father, that must have been stationed here in England or in Northern Ireland in or around 1953 as I was born from an Irish mother here in the U. However, I do not know whether he knew that my mother was pregnant. All I know is that he was an African/American stationed in Barry, South Wales in 1944/45 before possibly being shipped across to France. The nearest GI base from us at Penarth was Newport.In addition, I have had numerous DNA testing from Ancestry DNA, 23andme et al . He had a relationship with Eveline (Evelyn) Coyle who gave birth to their daughter, Patricia in November 1945. I'm looking for "Roy" (maybe Brown, maybe Kendall) who was in Nottingham at age 7 -- born around 1945. My mothers name was Christine Mary Stamp/ nee Davies Update: Looking for my Bio Granddad. He got my Bio Grandma, Maria Zimmerer, pregnant with my Dad.

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